Marketing Strategy

Advancing and stewarding our brand

The Marketing Strategy team is responsible for the brand vision of the university across all campuses. We partner with schools and units throughout IU to help meet their enrollment and reputational goals.

We develop and govern IU brand guidelines and offer a comprehensive, integrated suite of creative services, including photography, videography, writing, and design.

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The Marketing Strategy Team

  • Advances the brand and reputation of Indiana University through integrated campaigns
  • Develops actionable, research-based marketing and messaging strategies
  • Engages with partners across IU to understand their business needs and then develop and execute actionable strategic plans to achieve their goals
  • Develops and executes enrollment marketing strategies and tactics to drive admissions across all IU campuses

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Janae Cummings
Bloomington Brand Leader

Kathryn Hopkins
University and Interim Regionals Brand Leader

Darren Klein
IU Online Brand Leader

Linda Ramey-Greiwe
IUPUI Brand Leader


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